Core neighborhoods with mostly higher-priced homes and higher than average rents, consisting of a mix of mostly older single family homes and both older and newer multifamily housing.

  • Highest proportion of multifamily units, adding an additional 11,000 since 2010.
  • Fastest increase in ownership rates among non-rural areas, albeit with only about 200 owner-occupied single family units having been added since 2010.
Median Home Sale Price (2020)
+61.40% since 2013
Home Sale Price Per Sq. Ft (2020)
$285.77 per sq. ft.
+69.80% since 2013
Median Building Area
1,500 sq. ft.
Median Year Built

Data source: ARC analysis of Zillow's ZTRAX home sale transactions, 2013 & 2020. Explore this data further in the Data Explorer


Expand Capital Resources

Promote Housing Stability

Develop Leadership & Collaboration on Affordability

Increase Supply

Preserve Affordable Supply

Reduce Housing & Transportation Costs

Increase Supply –
Reduce Development Cost and Barriers

Address zoning and land use code that shapes development to provide housing options, including land use options, building sizes, building materials, building forms, parking, and more.

Increase Supply –
Leverage Public Land

Diversify the ways that publicly-owned land is used and managed to provide housing affordability options.

  • Donate land or participate in joint development of identified residential development sites to increase affordable housing. Resources:

Increase Supply –
Establish Policies Supporting Affordable Housing

Local governments can expand housing-supportive laws and regulations to encourage development of affordable housing.

Expand Capital Resources –
Create and Attract New Financing Mechanisms

New funding mechanisms are needed to promote and incentivize the development and preservation of affordable housing.

  • Provide gap funding for 4% LIHTC financing to enable the full utilization of 4% tax credit programs for acquisition and rehab of residential buildings. Resources:
  • Engage the social impact-focused private sector to create low-cost equity funds and support gap funding for affordable housing development and preservation. Resources: