Neighborhoods near the city core and employment corridors, with a mix of newer and older higher-priced homes and higher rents.

  • Mix of newer and older single family and multifamily housing units for both renters and owners
  • The neighborhoods in this Submarket are exhibiting home sales price increases at a rate similar to that of the region as a whole
  • 50% total rental units, Single family rentals have increase by 35% since 2010
  • 48% of total units are multifamily
Median Home Sale Price (2020)
+46.80% since 2013
Home Sale Price Per Sq. Ft (2020)
$179.28 per sq. ft.
+47.70% since 2013
Median Building Area
1,824 sq. ft.
Median Year Built

Data source: ARC analysis of Zillow's ZTRAX home sale transactions, 2013 & 2020. Explore this data further in the Data Explorer


Increase Supply

Preserve Affordable Supply

Reduce Housing & Transportation Costs

Expand Capital Resources

Promote Housing Stability

Develop Leadership & Collaboration on Affordability

Increase Supply –
Reduce Development Cost and Barriers

Address zoning and land use code that shapes development to provide housing options, including land use options, building sizes, building materials, building forms, parking, and more.

Increase Supply –
Leverage Public Land

Diversify the ways that publicly-owned land is used and managed to provide housing affordability options.

Increase Supply –
Establish Policies Supporting Affordable Housing

Enact various policies to enable and require affordable housing in new development.

Reduce Housing & Transportation Costs –
Implement Community Development Strategies

Allow opportunities for housing within a half-mile to mobility options, jobs, and services.

Reduce Housing & Transportation Costs –
Expand Transportation Options

Leverage existing transportation options and create new ones to lower transportation cost and reduce traffic.

Expand Capital Resources –
Create and Attract New Financing Mechanisms

New funding mechanisms are needed to promote and incentivize the development and preservation of affordable housing.

  • Provide gap funding for 4% LIHTC financing to enable the full utilization of 4% tax credit programs for acquisition and rehab of residential buildings. Resources:

Expand Capital Resources –
Implement Tax or Bond Financing Mechanisms

Cities and counties can use government power to enable bond and tax financing mechanisms to provide financing for affordable housing.