Lowest-priced urban neighborhoods with mostly older single-family and multifamily units, housing both renters and a rapidly declining number of owners.

  • Submarket with the lowest median home sale price
  • Quickest decline in home ownership
  • Rates of home sale price increases are significantly quicker than the regional average (while the actual increase is on par)
  • Only Submarket to have a net loss of housing units since 2010, more than 3,000 of which were multifamily
  • Greatest proportion of non-white residents
Median Home Sale Price (2020)
+207.40% since 2013
Home Sale Price Per Sq. Ft (2020)
$110.79 per sq. ft.
+172.00% since 2013
Median Building Area
1,377 sq. ft.
Median Year Built

Data source: ARC analysis of Zillow's ZTRAX home sale transactions, 2013 & 2020. Explore this data further in the Data Explorer


Increase Supply

Preserve Affordable Supply

Reduce Housing & Transportation Costs

Expand Capital Resources

Promote Housing Stability

Develop Leadership & Collaboration on Affordability

Preserve Affordable Supply –
Provide Financial Incentives

Provide financial incentives to developers to enable more creative ways to use state/local tax policy and long-range financing in order to preserve existing housing supply.

  • Offer tax incentives (tax exemption or abatement) for periods matching affordability period, low-cost loans and technical assistance to private owners agreeing to maintain affordable units. Resources:

Preserve Affordable Supply –
Create Policy Incentives

Preserve existing housing supply with policy incentives to make it easier and more affordable to protect existing housing units.

Preserve Affordable Supply –
Coordinate Across Agencies and Among Governments

Engage in robust coordination efforts between different levels of government and across various state and local agencies to create, manage, and maintain existing affordable units.

Promote Housing Stability –
Prevent Eviction

Implement targeted efforts to prevent eviction.

Promote Housing Stability –
Stabilize Existing Residents

Implement supportive educational programs and financial policies for residents to stabilize their current housing.

Develop Leadership & Collaboration on Affordability –
Promote Creative Collaboration

Collaborate across various industries, sectors, and organizations to create multi-disciplinary approach to provide housing options.