Moderate-to-higher-priced suburban neighborhoods near employment centers with a mix of single family and multifamily units housing both renters and owners.

  • Experienced the greatest net gain in housing units, nearly half of which were multifamily
  • Experienced the greatest relative increase in single family rentals
  • The neighborhoods in this Submarket are exhibiting home sale price increases similar to that of the region as whole
Median Home Sale Price (2020)
+57.80% since 2013
Home Sale Price Per Sq. Ft (2020)
$151.91 per sq. ft.
+54.60% since 2013
Median Building Area
1,968 sq. ft.
Median Year Built

Data source: ARC analysis of Zillow's ZTRAX home sale transactions, 2013 & 2020. Explore this data further in the Data Explorer


Increase Supply

Preserve Affordable Supply

Reduce Housing & Transportation Costs

Expand Capital Resources

Promote Housing Stability

Develop Leadership & Collaboration on Affordability

Increase Supply –
Reduce Development Cost and Barriers

Address zoning and land use code that shapes development to provide housing options, including land use options, building sizes, building materials, building forms, parking, and more.

Increase Supply –
Leverage Public Land

Diversify the ways that publicly-owned land is used and managed to provide housing affordability options.

  • Donate land or participate in joint development of identified residential development sites to increase affordable housing. Resources:

Increase Supply –
Establish Policies Supporting Affordable Housing

Enact various policies to enable and require affordable housing in new development.

Preserve Affordable Supply –
Create Policy Incentives

Preserve existing housing supply with policy incentives to make it easier and more affordable to protect existing housing units.

Preserve Affordable Supply –
Coordinate Across Agencies and Among Governments

Engage in robust coordination efforts between different levels of government and across various state and local agencies to create, manage, and maintain existing affordable units.

Reduce Housing & Transportation Costs –
Implement Community Development Strategies

Allow opportunities for housing within a half-mile to mobility options, jobs, and services.

Reduce Housing & Transportation Costs –
Expand Transportation Options

Leverage existing transportation options and create new ones to lower transportation cost and reduce traffic.

Develop Leadership & Collaboration on Affordability –
Promote Creative Collaboration

Collaborate across various industries, sectors, and organizations to create multi-disciplinary approach to provide housing options.